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The Best investment in Berlin

"Our vision is to become a symbol of real estate"

Why invest in Berlin
  • Real estate prices in Berlin are significantly lower than those in other cities in Europe in general and in Germany in particular.
  • Excellent funding terms create very attractive leveraging opportunities.
  • Berlin is undergoing massive improvements in recent year, there is hardly any new construction and a real shortage of residential apartments.
  • A city with strong positive immigration, a cultural center, and European businesses, it is a serious competitor for the title "Capital of Europe" against London and Paris.
  • Hutten straße
    Project in Marketing

    The project is located in the seam between the Charlottenburg and Tiergarten neighborhoods, and is a small neighborhood adjacent to north Mitte. Every year, the population becomes younger and more bourgeois. Hutten Street is in a central location with a high proportion of “Altbau” buildings, with large open spaces, high ceilings and wooden floors. A short walk away from the project are public gardens used as green areas in the city’s center.

    What makes the street attractive is the fact that it is in the center and a short distance away from central areas in the city and the classic European architecture in the area. Public transportation is accessible, it is close to various educational institutions, the famous Tiergarten park, a historical central train station, and various government offices. Today, the neighborhood is considered very promising in the real estate industry due to the fact that you can still purchase quality real estate for a reasonable price in an area that is constantly growing.

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